Selena Gomez Dishes On Her & Taylor Swift's Lonely Girls Club!

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Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are some of the most famous BFFs in the world, but their hangouts are a lot like yours!

When the interviewer asked Selena about what goes on in girl talk in her and Taylor's "Lonely Girls Club," she gave a really great, simple answer. "We need to have our girl time! And that ranges from shopping to just talking all night and making really fattening, awesome food."

Ooh, like what? "Cupcakes, cakes, cookies -- that's what Taylor and I do," she giggled. "Taylor is the one who invented the Lonely Girls Club, and it's more of just a joke. Just dancing in our kitchens and enjoying each other!"

Sel revealed why girl time is so important. "It's nice to just have a break, and your friends are gonna be there for life."

Wise words, Ms. Gomez! What do you do during your girl time? Tell us in the comments!

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