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Shhh! Peek into Rob's top secret vampire diaries! M unlocks the key to Rob's most personal secrets and you won't believe what we discovered! This is a Rob feature you don't want to miss!

The most revealing Taylor Lautner interview EVER! Only M has Taylor's dream girl checklist -- filled with juicy info on the girl that Taylor is looking to call his GF! Wowza! Find out if you have everything Tay's looking for!

Drama-rama! Demi's dealing with internet bullies and is ready to stand up for all the girls being cyber-bullied! Find out Dem's message to the haters and how she overcame the pain!

Hallway horrors! Taylor Lautner lost sleep over HW! JONAS' Chelsea had a lunchroom nightmare! Dem was super-nervous! Think the first day is going to be bad? Your fave stars dish their class catastrophes so you can learn from their mistakes!

Niley split? Miley declares that she's single and how she's holding up. Only M gets super-personal with Miley to find out what really happened with her and Nick. Plus, we take a look back on Niley's rocky summer of love!

Selena's back-to-school advice column! Selena reveals exclusively to M that her crush fell for her best friend and other major messes she dealt with in class! She answers YOUR questions and doesn't hold back!

Twi-Guy Confessions! Rob dishes that kissing Kristen is hard! Taylor understands Jacob's pain! Your all-time fave Twilight guys reveal behind-the-scene secrets you won't hear anywhere else! Plus, take our quiz to find out how Twi-hard you are!

JB's crazy confessions! The bros spill their kissing tips, TV addictions and more -- only to M!

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