M Exclusive!: 'Shake It Up' - Bella Thorne's CeCe Should Be Herself!

Bella thorne cece shake it up


In this exclusive clip from Shake It Up, CeCe (played by the lovely Bella Thorne) and James -- a super smart kid -- realize they're crushing on one another hard!

Problem is, CeCe tries to be more book smart to impress James, while James tries to act cooler to win her over. CeCe even has Rocky (played by, obvs, Zendaya) coach her on what to say!

Of course, the best and most fail-proof way to impress your crush is to just be yourself! That's especially true for CeCe and James, because that's what drew them to one another in the first place!

Have you ever tried changing for your crush? Has a guy ever tried changing for you? Tell us in the comments -- and be sure to catch the rest of this episode of Shake It Up (called "Opposites Attract It Up") on Sunday, June 23!

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