Words of Wisdom: Shawn Mendes Gives His Fans Some Major Life Advice In a Rather Unexpected Way

Shawn mendes twitter


Shawn Mendes has made it clear that he will do anything for his fans, and he simply always wants them to know how special they are to him. So when the singer took to Twitter to dish out some major life advice to his followers, everyone naturally just had to stop and take a read, and wonder what triggered this outpouring of honesty!

Shawn basically was dishing out relationship advice, wanting everyone to know that always being your true self is what counts.

And which relationship is he referring to? Seems like ti's all about the love and loyalty from Shawn to his fans.

In case you were wondering why Shawn felt compelled to pour his heart out, he said there really wasn't any specific reason, he just wanted to share his thoughts with everyone.

What a guy this one is!

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