Should 1D's Zayn Malik shave his head?!


Can you picture the cutie with super-short hair?

Hey M Girls!

First, Harry Styles revealed he wants to cut off his hair, and now Zayn Malik??

Pretty much! Zayn recently tweeted about his locks, saying: "Right guys I need opinions , ... I either wanna cut my hair short or grow it really long what dya think ? X By short I mean like a buzz cut"

Then, he wrote: "So I just got a great answer !! Grow it out see what it looks like and then cut it if it's no good ? :) x"

Looks like a couple of different hair changes are in store for this 1D member!

Let's dish: -Do you think Zayn Malik should shave his head? Would you rather see him with longer hair or shorter hair?

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