Should Breaking Dawn be turned into 2 movies?


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Over the weekend, Eclipse cast member BooBoo Stewart (he plays wolf pack-er Seth Clearwater) told Access Hollywood that there will be 5 flicks in the Twilight saga altogether, even though there are only 4 books! "I heard there's going to be three more movies," BooBoo spilled. "Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and there should be one more."

Wow -- could it be?! Summit Entertainment released a statement in regards to BooBoo's comments, saying they were not accurate: "We appreciate our young actor's enthusiasm for the franchise and his role, but his comments about the number of films were unfortunately uninformed and not accurate. However, the fans should rest assured the we're working with Stephenie Meyer to bring Breaking Dawn to the big screen."

We'll just have to wait and see if Breaking Dawn is going to be made into one or two movies, but this isn't the first time that a hint of an extra movie has been made! New Moon director Chris Weitz dished at Comic Con how difficult Breaking Dawn would be to film: "It a tough one. I mean, yes it's doable. Anything is doable, but it's a hard one, because the series gets more and more ambitious as it goes along. Yes, it's doable. Anything is doable."

Let's dish: -Do you think Breaking Dawn should be turned into two separate movies?

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Photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment

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