Wow: Sofia Carson Takes Over Two Hours Transforming Into Evie on Set of 'Descendants 2'


For Sofia Carson, transforming into her Descendants persona is no easy task. Turning into Evie takes an entire crew of people, a whole lot of hair gel, and about two and a half hours. No big deal.

While getting ready for a day of shooting on set of Descendants 2, Sofia took us along for the whole getting ready process. Becoming the villainous daughter of the evil queen requires a ton of effort when you're as sweet as Sofia IRL – it takes work to be wicked! In behind-the-scenes footage from the official Disney Channel Descendants Instagram account, Sofia shares all her makeover secrets.

"Hey guys. You guys are about to spend the day with me on set, so let's see what kind of trouble we can get up to," she said in the first clip.

And so, the makeover began.

"Approximately, it takes about two and half hours to transform into Evie between the makeup transformation, the wig and wardrobe. When I'm in the chair – well, we usually have some music playing in the trailer, which is nice. But otherwise, I just kind of relax. Kind of mentally prepare for the day, go over my scenes," she spilled. "I'm such a girl – I love makeup and hair and the whole transformation is just so fascinating."

And of course, there was still work to be done once her makeup was complete. Up next – the wig! But before Sofia gets her wig put on, there is a ton of hair prep that comes first.

"As you can see, they just put gel on my hair. Gel the hair back – we're gonna put a wig cap on and then put the Evie wig [on]. And I'll be Evie – 'the Isle look!'" Sofia dished. "This part takes close to an hour as well."

So there you have it – becoming Evie is no easy evolution!

This story originally appeared on our sister site, Twist magazine.

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