Sister, Sister: Sofia Carson Hangs Out With Sabrina and Sarah Carpenter

Sarah sofia sabrina selfie


So we're just going to say that Sofia Carson is officially a part of the Carpenter family. She reunited with Sabrina and Sarah Carpenter during the weekend for a little St Patrick's Day celebration and the trio had the best time together, of course snapping some glam pics. Seriously, that group selfie is next level. Sabrina shared a pic of just her and Sofia having too much fun together, laughing uncontrollably and it's just the cutest.

Sofia Carson Sabrina Carpenter Reunion

Clearly their real-life friendship is much different than the one they had in Adventures in Babysitting. In real life, Sabrina and Sarah have two other sisters and Sofia has a sister of her own so let's just say all six girls need to have one epic hangout session and take on the world together. Now that would be magical.

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