Sophia Grace Brownlee Releases Her First Music Video!


Everyone's favorite pintsized pink enthusiast, Sophia Grace Brownlee, has dropped her first music video! Her debut is called "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun," and we can't think of a more appropriate tune for this lil' diva.

Dropping rhymes and auto-tuned hooks, she does her hero Nicki Minaj proud. Sophia cruises around in a hot pink Power Wheels-style SUV, rocks a tiara and has Rosie help her pick out her ensemble--which is, of course, a pink dress!

Though the song is an ode to girls having fun, there are boys in the video ... but we don't know if they had as much fun as she did, because one of them got a pie to the face!

Watch the video--do you love it as much as we do? Tell us in the comments!

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