Sound off: Did Danielle Jonas diss Taylor Swift?


Hey M Girls!

Last night, Taylor had an amazing night at the Grammy's--winning two awards and rocking out to her song "Mean", but during her performance, there was some dramz on Twitter. Jason Backe, a celebrity hair colorist and co-owner of Ted Gibson Salon, tweeted during Tay's performance: "really? standing ovation? come on folks.... SHE IS WEARING FLATS!!!! #grammys." Which Danielle Jonas, who is friendly with the salon and has hung with Taylor (Danielle and Kevin were dating when Joe and Taylor dated, and they even went on dates together), re-tweeted Jason's jab to Tay:

Danielle's re-tweet set fans off, so she tried explaining what happened to her sister:

To make sure fans didn't think anything different, Danielle explained that she was a country music fan.

OK, so what do you think M girls: Did Danielle diss Taylor? Was it wrong for her to re-tweet that?

Photos: Startraks

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