OMG: Spaghetti.... That's Actually Ice Cream?

Ice cream spaghetti


Next time your parents give you a hard time about not eating your dinner, you can fool them with this German recipe: Spaghetti-Eis. It may look like a typical Italian dish — complete with marinara sauce and cheese — but it's actually ice cream!

This dessert masquerading as a meal is the "it" delicacy in Germany, and now it's making its way to the States.

The "noodles" are actually ice cream that's been strained through a potato ricer. (Kind of like how you used to press Play Doh through the tool with all the little holes as a kid). To stand in as the tomato marinara sauce, German chefs use strawberry jam. And finally, the sprinkling of cheese? It can either be coconut flakes or white chocolate. Amazing? We think so!

Would you try this spaghetti dessert? Tell us in the comments below!

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