Underwear Thieves Abound!: Stop Stealing Skivvies From One Direction!


Splash News

One Direction give their all to Directioners--but one thing they want to keep for themselves? Their own underwear, thank you very much.

The group has upped their security team, which was already pretty intense, after some particularly loony Directioners actually stole their skivvies!

A source told The Daily Star (via Entertainment Wise), "Somehow fans have got to the dry cleaning and taken the boys' clothes even before they are dry cleaned! Others get into dressing rooms or on tour buses."

To combat the problem, the boys are keeping their unmentionables unreachable. "Now they are giving the job to another crew member in their wardrobe team," the insider revealed. "She has the task of getting all their clothes clean and back to them without anything going missing."

The grossest part? Some of these girls are stealing their underwear before they've even washed. Ick!

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