Sunday afternoon survey!


Hey M Girls-

We don't know about you, but we love taking fun on-line surveys on sites like Facebook. So we thought, "Hey! Why not make a cool survey JUST for M Girls here on the site?!" Take it below by copying and pasting the text into the "Comment" section with your answers!

How old are you?

Your all-time fave song is:

Justin Bieber: Love him forever or over him?

Do you still care about the Jonas Brothers?

If a genie granted you three wishes, you'd ask for:

Lady Gaga: Cool or overrated?

What star do you want to see more of in M?

What beauty product can you NOT live without?

Do you consider yourself a Twi-hard?

Which girl do you like better: Miranda or Victoria Justice?

Are you liking the new Disney show Shake It Up?

Besides school stuff, what books do you like to read?

Have you had your first kiss yet?

Do you ever dream about going to the Prom?

Which celeb girl do you wish was one of your best friends?

Is Willow Smith the next big singer?

What's your cell ringtone?

What rule do your parents have that you can't stand?

What confuses you most about guys?

Do you think Justin and Selena's new love will last?

The one word that describes you best is:

Can't wait to read what all you guys have to say!

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