Sunday evening survey!


Hey M Girls!

Wow, we had such a beautiful weekend here in NYC! It was sooo nice to be outside in the sunshine. But now that the weekend is almost over, we wanted to give you something fun to do before you have to head back to school. So here you go, a Sunday night survey! Take it and send the link to your BFFs to take!

OK here we go:

The state I live in is:

This summer, I hope to:

The celeb I think I'm the most like is:

Who's cooler: Ke$ha or Lady Gaga?

What do you think of Usher?

Which gossip story do you want to hear more about? Joe and Demi hooking-up Demi and Selena's feud Who Justin Bieber is dating If the JoBros are breaking up Another story

Which chick flick is better: Last Song or Dear John?

Which of these things stresses you out the most? Your crush Pimple breakouts A fight with your BFF Not having enough friends Not being included on your clique's plans Probs with your parents

When you grow up, you want to be:

Your b-day's coming up! Quick! What do you want most?

Your fave place to shop is:

You would rather know more about: Victorious' Victoria Justice 10 Thing's Meaghan Jette Martin Debby Ryan Kim Kardashian Ke$ha Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev

The guy you think is super-cute is: David Archuletta Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley Eclipse's BooBoo Stewart

You think this star has the best fashion style than the others:

What star do you want to see more in M?

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