Taylor Lautner's Abduction hits theaters tonight! Will you go see it?


Hey M Girls!

It may not be Jacob Black on the big screen but it's close enough! One of our fave hotties, Taylor Lautner, stars in the action-packed movie, Abduction, which hits theaters today! Tay stars as average teenager Nathan, whose life is twisted upside down when he discovers his picture on a milk carton's missing children's ad and tries to figure out who he is. Lily Collins also stars next to Tay, adding a love element to the suspenseful storyline.

"I loved the action in the movie," Tay shares. "I did as many stunts as I was allowed to do! I was excited that I finally got to use my martial arts in a movie."

Cool! So let's dish: -Will you be hitting the movies to see Abduction? Why or why not?

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Photos courtesy of Lionsgate

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