Taylor Swift & Abigail Anderson Are Still BFFs!

Abigail anderson and taylor swift


Not all besties have to grow apart! It looks like 9th grade BFFs Taylor Swift and Abigail Anderson are still super close!

Abigail, who appeared in Taylor's early music videos like "Fifteen" and "Picture to Burn," posted this adorable picture of the two girlfriends laying in the grass to Instagram today. She captioned the pic, "Frolicking at its very best."

It must be their friendaversary or something (although we know that they met on the first day of freshman year in high school) because Taylor also posted a picture of her and Abigail, this time to Twitter.

Aww! We love to see that these girls haven't let Taylor's fame (or busy touring schedule!) get in the way of their friendship!

Do you have a best friend you know you'll be close with forever? Tell us about her in the comments!

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