Taylor Swift and Zac Efron's film, The Lorax, hits theaters today!


Hey M Girls!

There's nothing like a good movie to start off the weekend! After months of counting down, Taylor and Zac's animated flick, The Lorax, is finally in theaters. Zac plays the voice of Ted, a boy with a super-huge crush on his neighbor, Audrey (voiced by Tay). They live in a world without any trees (crazy, right?) and all Audrey wants is to see one. Ted goes on adventure to find Audrey a tree and meets a zany character named The Lorax!

Fun fact: the film is based on the classic book by Dr. Seuss, and today would have been his 98th birthday -- what a coincidence!

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the latest Lorax trailer here:

Let's dish: -Will you support Zac and Tay and see The Lorax this weekend? Are you a fan of animated flicks?

Photo: Startraks

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