Taylor Swift debuts new single and announces album release date!


Hey M Girls,

We were super-excited for Taylor Swift's live chat last night, because we knew Tay would be making some major announcements! And sure enough, she didn't disappoint. That's right -- Taylor finally gave away huge news about her new music. Not only did she debut her new single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" but she announced that her upcoming album is called Red and will hit stores on October 22!

The new album will feature 16 songs -- not including bonus tracks, and as per usual Tay's main motivation for her tunes was love! She revealed: "I tend to skew in the direction of writing songs about love-related things, relationship- and feeling-related things, that's where I naturally go."

Listen up to the poppy new tune here:

...And here's your first look at the "Red" album art:

We're SO excited for the new album!

Let's dish: -Do you love "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"? Are you glad Tay's new tune is more pop than country, or do you miss her country roots?

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