Taylor Swift dishes about her songwriting process!


Hey M Girls!

Now that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are broken up, we're wondering what kind of songs she'll be writing about him next! Though she might not be writing break-up anthems just yet, Tay did recently spill the beans about her process!

She dished in a recent interview: "When I'm writing a song, I'm so in that zone that it's really sort of a trance I go into, and I'm just kind of thinking about what I would say to this person that I'm writing the song about if I could just say whatever I wanted to them right now; that's kind of where I go in my head."

But that wasn't exactly the case for her songs on her newest album RED. Taylor spills, "With this album, I really wanted to write with different people. I'm making my fourth album at this point, so it's like, this is so important that I do not start to repeat myself. I don't ever want to get into a comfortable groove and continue just coasting on that. I just always want to challenge myself and stretch further in different directions. It's just fun to paint with more colors." We can def tell from listening to RED, Tay!

Let's dish: -What's your fave song on RED? Have you ever tried to write your own song?

Photo: Startraks

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