Taylor Swift Has Dance Parties With Ed Sheeran & Selena Gomez!


If you want to hang out with Taylor Swift, you better have some moves! The "22" singer revealed that when she and BFFs Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran get together, they can't fight their urges to dance.

Aside from being the big winner tat the 2013 Billboard Music Awards -- well, aside from the Milestone Award -- Taylor was a happy camper because she had her besties sitting with her. And they weren't sitting for long!

"I was just excited that a bunch of my friends were there like Selena and Ed," she gushed to Billboard. "It turned the night into more of a dance party than a high-pressure media event."

Still, this is sweet ole' Taylor Swift we're talking about, so of course her dance party didn't get too wild. After the show, instead of hitting up a club, she took her whole crew out to eat! "We had a giant dinner at Nobu for all of my bandmates, dancers and friends," she revealed. "It seemed like everyone was there. Ed, Selena, Austin Mahone ... We were all just laughing together and rejoicing in a really fun evening."

Hear that, Swifties and Selenators? Grab your dancing shoes if you ever score an invite and you may be able to get your groove on with Ed, too!

Photos courtesy Lester Cohen, WireImage and Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

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