Taylor Swift's Surprise High School Visit -- M takes you there!


Here's students Hilary and Oscar with Taylor!

And students Ryan and Emily with Taylor!

Hey M Girls!

Imagine you're in school, hanging with your friends between classes, when all of the sudden, Taylor Swift makes a surprise visit to your school and puts on a super-exclusive concert in your auditorium! Cool, right?! Well, that's exactly what happened to students at Bishop Ireton High School students in Alexandria, VA!

M talked exclusively to two students, seniors Oscar and Emily, and they told us all about the surprise visit and how much fun it was -- they even go to meet Taylor! Oscar and Emily explained that the students entered a contest to get Tay to visit their school and spent weeks voting online and sending in texts (some students even wore patches on their backpacks to remind classmates to vote!), but they still weren't sure if they had won. On the day of the surprise visit, Emily noticed that "they shut down an entire wing of the school," but Oscar said people weren't totally sure it meant that Taylor was coming -- "Some people thought Michelle Obama was the surprise guest," Oscar laughs. So, everyone was outside doing their carnival events when they were called into their homerooms, and then finally to the auditorium. Then, Taylor took the stage!

"People went buck wild," Oscar tells M. "It was nuts!" Emily adds, "Yeah, right before she was about come out, Metro Station's "Shake It" was playing and we could see Taylor backstage jumping up and down! Everyone was jumping up and down until she came out -- it was really cool!"

Taylor started with the song, "You Belong With Me" and sang 11 songs total! So cool!

Plus, even cooler for Oscar and Emily is that they were 2 of a group of 25 lucky students who actually got to meet Taylor and take pics with her!

"When I walked into the room where she was, I was like 'oh my God, this is real, this is Taylor Swift,'" Oscar tells us. "She gives the best hugs and she smelled so good! She's very down to earth."

Emily added that Tay was "so nice and very tall. My friend and I were the last ones to meet her and I guess we were the only ones to introduce ourselves by name, so I said 'Hi Taylor, I'm Emily,' and Taylor said, 'Hey, I'm Taylor.' I will like I know who you are! It seemed like she actually wanted to meet all of us and was so excited to be there."

Even though Taylor visited the school 3 days ago, the halls are still buzzing about the surprise visit!

"We're going to be hearing about for the next two weeks, right before we graduate basically," Oscar tells M.

Let's dish: -What would you do if Taylor made a surprise visit at your school? What celeb would you love to visit your school??

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