Taylor Swift Talks About Ed Sheeran's Sword Incident!

Taylro swift ed sheeran

Getty Images

Remember when Ed Sheeran almost hit Taylor Swift with his sword? She sure does!

“He got this sword ... he went to New Zealand and got this sword," she told MTV News (via SugarScape). "The actual Peter Jackson gave him a sword from a Lord of the Rings movie, and he was obsessed with it to the point where like he would come into by dressing room waving it and then just leave."

Ha! She added, “Or he'd just get it out on the plane and everybody is like, 'We don't know if that's OK on a plane!' It's a weapon, but it's a medieval weapon [so] we don't know, I don't know."

When it doubt? Leave the sword in the sheath, Sheeran! Be careful where you point that thing!

Would you ever take a sword out on a plane? What would you do if Ed Sheeran waved a sword around at you?! Sound off in the comments!

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