Taylor Swift talks about her upcoming 2012 album!


Hey M Girls!

We're wonderstruck by T. Swift! Ever since "Speak Now" came out almost a year ago, we've been listening to it on repeat and dying to know when she'd finally release her next album. Well, the wait isn't over yet, but Tay finally spilled some deets about her newest songs. Tay says she's been writing like crazy, but so far the songs have been "sad, if I'm being honest." Tay even spills that the latest song is about "moving on." Hmm -- wonder if she's talking about her latest split with Jake Gyllenhaal?

In other Tay news, she's also releasing a concert album and a DVD special called, "Speak Now World Tour--Live" coming out on November 21st!

Let's dish: -Are you excited for Taylor's new album? Who do you think she's "moving on" from in her song? Comment back!

Photo courtesy Big Machine Records

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