Test your 1D knowledge!


Hey M Girls!

Hope you're having a great Saturday! In M's new June issue (on stands now!), we have the most 1D secrets ever, so we thought it would be a ton of fun to post some 1D trivia for you today ;) So, take a look at them below and leave your answers in the comments! Then, come back to the site tomorrow and we'll have a new blog posted with all of the correct answers!

  1. One Direction came in ___________ place on The X Factor

  2. Niall's big brother's name is: _________

  3. Harry was a part of the band ________ before joining One Direction

  4. Niall has revealed that he has a fear of ___________

  5. Zayn's middle name is: _________

  6. The song Louis sung for his X Factor audition was: _________

  7. Harry's mom's name is: _____________

  8. The elementary school Zayn went to was called: __________

  9. Liam first auditioned for The X Factor in _________

  10. How many siblings does Zayn have? ____________

  11. Which member was the lead in his high school's production of Grease?

  12. The song Harry sung for his X Factor audition was: __________

  13. Zayn has _______ tattoos

  14. Which 1D cutie was born earlier than expected?

  15. The school that Niall attended was called: ________

  16. The episode of iCarly that the guys were on was called: __________

So, what do you think M Girls? Leave your guesses below! And remember to check back tomorrow to see all the right answers!

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