Test your 1D knowledge -- answers revealed!


Hey M Girls!

In M's new June issue (on stands now!), we have the most 1D secrets ever -- so that's why yesterday, we thought it would be fun to post a blog with trivia about One Direction and wanted you to test your 1D knowledge by seeing how many of them you could answer!

Well, we now have the answers for you! Check them out below:

  1. One Direction came in ___________ place on The X Factor Third

  2. Niall's big brother's name is: _________ Greg

  3. Harry was a part of the band ________ before joining One Direction White Eskimo

  4. Niall has revealed that he has a fear of ___________ Birds

  5. Zayn's middle name is: _________ Javadd

  6. The song Louis sung for his X Factor audition was: _________ "Hey There Delilah"

  7. Harry's mom's name is: _____________ Anne

  8. The elementary school Zayn went to was called: __________ Lower Fields Primary School

  9. Liam first auditioned for The X Factor in _________ 2008

  10. How many siblings does Zayn have? ____________ Three -- his sisters Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa

  11. Which member was the lead in his high school's production of Grease? Louis

  12. The song Harry sung for his X Factor audition was: __________ "Isn't She Lovely?"

  13. Zayn has _______ tattoos Seven -- a Yin Yang, a picture of crossed fingers, his grandfather's name Walter in Arabic, a "born lucky" symbol, a playing card, a silver fern and an inscription across his collarbone that means "Be true to who you are"

  14. Which 1D cutie was born earlier than expected? Liam -- 3 weeks early

  15. The school that Niall attended was called: ________ Coláiste Mhuire

  16. The episode of iCarly that the guys were on was called: __________ "iGo One Direction"

Let's dish: -How many did you get right? Did you have fun with this 1D trivia?

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