The Hunger Games is available on DVD today!


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It's been months since we last saw one of our fave movies of the year, The Hunger Games -- which is why we're thrilled that it's FINALLY available on DVD! Woohoo! We chatted with the stars of the flick who gave us top-secret insider dish about the making of the film!

M: What's your fave feature on the brand new Hunger Games DVDs?

Jacqueline Emerson (Foxface): "Each different retailer that's releasing the DVD has a different version of it with different special features. All of them have the documentary about the making of the Hunger Games, which I saw recently, and I have to say, it's very good. There's a lot of stuff in that I didn't know, so that was really exciting to see the whole behind-the-scenes process."

Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh): "I think I'm most excited about the Tribute Diaries, which is gonna be really cool. They did this thing where they gave all of us Flipcams and they asked us to record our experiences leading up to the premiere, so it's really candid and it's really cool and it's us basically doing the mall tour, doing fittings for what we were gonna wear for the premiere, really really cool behind the scenes stuff, and really putting the fans in our shoes and letting them know what it was like - this whole amazing experience." (Note: this feature is only available on the Target edition of the DVD)

M: What's something that only an insider would notice while watching the DVD?

Dayo: "It's a really really funny thing. When I shot the Reaping scene where Thresh comes in and saves Katniss, the script actually said "just this time twelve, for her" and that's what I actually said on the day and then I had to do additional dialogue in the studio afterwards for touchups for the audio. One of the things Gary wanted me to change was instead of saying "for her" say "for Rue." He was very specific about what Thresh's motivations were for that scene, so in the scene, I ADR'd over "for Rue", but my mouth actually says "for her." No one, no one has picked up on this, so I guess it really works. Your brain kind of pieces it together so you don't actually see it happen, but if you watch it closely, my mouth says "for her", but you hear "for Rue." All the times I've seen it, I'm like "aaagh." I kind of cringe a little bit, but no one seems to have seen it."

Amandla Stenberg (Rue): "When Katniss kisses me on my forehead, after I tragically expire, there is a little bubble of spit and it's really gross! My friends always point it out and laugh and now I always can see it when I watch the movie."

M: What was it like working with Jennifer Lawrence?

Willow Shields (Prim): "I loved having fun with Jennifer, just hanging out and talking. I think that was really fun. I think a lot of our scenes were really serious, so when we started acting, we were really serious and emotional and then like right after that, we would be laughing, talking, and having fun because we wanted to lighten the mood a bit."

Amandla: "She gave me so much good advice on set and we joked around and told stories and we became really close."

M: What's the coolest thing you're looking forward to about the sequel, Catching Fire?

Willow: "I'm really excited to work with some actors that I didn't work with in Hunger Games, so I'm really excited for that."

Jacqueline: "Even though I'm not in the second film, I'm excited to watch it! I'm most looking forward to seeing how they do the Katniss wedding dress transform into a mockingjay thing because I'm sure that's going to be epic. I'm also really excited to see the arena because I think the second arena is so cool. The first arena is a lot more natural, you know, despite the fact that it's controlled by the gamemakers. The Catching Fire arena is much more fabricated in the clock, the settings, the blood ring, and this and this. I'm kind of excited to see how they do that."

Awesome! Also, check out our fun THG-inspired game that we played with Amandla Stenberg at the M Office:

So much fun!

Let's dish: -Did you buy THG on DVD yet? Which tribute was your fave in the flick?

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