REVEALED: The Most Sensitive Member of One Direction


Teen Vogue

Who's the most sensitive member of One Direction, you ask? Well -- there isn't just one. All of them have a sensitive side, according to Zayn.

In a recent interview with Top of the Pops, Zayn revealed, "I think we all have a sensitive side. I wouldn't know who's the most sensitive because none of us is really overly sensitive. I think we just all have that side." How cute is that?

Zayn also told the magazine about their road trip shenanigans  "We literally talk so much rubbish. We just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. We play games in the car too, like Playstation. We just do normal stuff like listen to music, watch movies and chill out. Depends on the mood we're in."

Do you think Zayn is telling the truth -- that no one guy is more sensitive than the others? We're not so sure...

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