EXCLUSIVE: The Stars of 'Romeo & Juliet' Talk Forbidden Love and Taylor Swift!


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There's no greater love story than Romeo & Juliet, that we can all agree on. The young couple loved each other fiercely, even though their families didn't want them to be together. When we found out Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth were playing Romeo and Juliet in a 2013 adaptation of the story, we could barely contain our excitement!

We had the awesome opportunity to interview both Hailee and Douglas about their new movie, and they chatted about everything from forbidden love to Taylor Swift!

"I think it's always really important to listen to your parents," Hailee exclusively tells M. What's her best advice for dealing with a guy your parents don't approve of? "If you're fortunate enough to have a great relationship with your parents, there's probably a reason they don't like him and that's a reason to be aware of. So maybe it's good to talk it out."

"I've never bee in that situation, but it must be horrible," Douglas says. "I'm 21 now and I think now if I fell in love with someone that my parents don't like, I think I'd be like, 'Oh well, see ya later.' I love my parents to bits, but love is a powerful force."

Speaking of love — M wanted to know: What did Hailee's BFF Taylor Swift think of the movie?

"She really enjoyed it," Hailee dishes. "She's great. She's always supported me— she's always a phone call away, which is awesome."

Watch the full video below, and be sure to check out Romeo & Juliet, which opens in theaters today! How would you deal if your parents didn't approve of your boyfriend? Tell us in the comments!

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