The X Factor Finale: Who do YOU want to win?


Hey M Girls!

We've been watching the drama unfold on The X Factor for weeks now and it's finally coming down the wire: The top three contestants, 19-year old Melanie Amaro, 30-year old Josh Krajcik and 28-year old Chris Rene, are left and only one will be crowned the winner TONIGHT!

The question is: Who do you want to win tonight? Who are you rooting for?

Make sure to tune into the live finale tonight from 8 PM to 10 PM EST on FOX to see who wins. Plus, the night is full of surprises and guest performances -- including Justin Bieber (who is reportedly doing a duet to "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" with Drew Ryniewicz), Ne-Yo, Pitball and Leona Lewis. Exciting!

We'll definitely be tuning in -- will you?

Comment back!

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Photo courtesy of FOX

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