DIY: This Adorable Paper Turkey Craft is the Perfect Thanksgiving Gift

Turkey diy surprise

The Band Wife

One of the reasons Thanksgiving is such an awesome holiday is that families gather together to celebrate. But not every member of the family always makes it to the Thanksgiving celebration. Sometimes certain members in the family live too far away or they get stuck in inclement weather and just can't be with you for the special occasion. But that doesn't mean that you can't celebrate with them in spirit. This paper turkey craft from The Band Wife is a great way to let your far away loved ones know that you're thankful for them this holiday season.

What You'll Need:

  • Brown craft paper

  • Tape

  • White paper

  • Assorted goodies (some examples are a necklace, your loved one's favorite snack or candy, hair clips, makeup, a photo frame, etc.)


  1. Taking the white paper, mold two pieces into shapes that resemble drumsticks. Use tape to keep the drumstick shape.

  2. Wad up and mold the white paper to a bowl shape. Keep adding paper and using tape to keep the shape.

  3. Fill the turkey with your goodies. (It's like stocking stuffers for Thanksgiving!)

  4. With care, flip it over onto a sheet of brown craft paper and fold up the sides as if you were wrapping a present (which, essentially, you are). Now flip the turkey over!

  5. Wrap the drumsticks in the brown paper and cut and adhere white paper to the ends to create the turkey fringe. Using glue, attach the turkey legs.

  6. Last but not least, if you're packaging your turkey and sending it in the mail, leave a note with it, telling your loved one to "carve" open the turkey to get reveal their gifts!

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