This just in: "A" will be revealed on the March finale of Pretty Little Liars!


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It's the question that seems to always boggle our mind: Who is "A" on Pretty Little Liars? For years, we've tried to decode every text message, every note, and every character...and finally, executive producer Marlene King spilled recently that "A" will be revealed on the March 19 finale. Wowza! In the upcoming season, which airs Jan. 2 at 8 pm EST, there will be tons of twists from the start: Aria and Ezra's relationship will heat up, someone may be arrested for Allison's murder, and sources dish that a beloved character will be killed (No worries -- Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily are safe). Talk about a lot to watch!

We'll def be tuning in all season long. Lucy Hale also tweeted about the news, and wanted to assure fans that PLL would still continue on..even after "A" is revealed:

Let's dish: -What do you think about "A" being revealed? Who do you think "A" is? Are you happy PLL isn't ending anytime soon?

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Photo courtesy ABC Family

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