Exclusive: Tiffany Houghton Reveals Her Tips for a Perfect Sleepover

Tiffany houghton sleepover


Tiffany Houghton is a certified expert in sleepovers. When the singer stopped by our office to talk about her new single "Hello Sailor," she dished all about her insider tips for the perfect sleepover party with your BFFs. If you're looking for something fun to do over winter break, take her cue! Tiffany told us that she has fun sleepovers all the time with her younger sister, so this is a well-tested formula.

1. Snacks are everything.

Obviously, a good sleepover needs noms to nosh on, and Tiffany is all about sweet treats that you can DIY yourself with the help of an adult.

rice krispies

"S'mores are really fun to do. I love making popcorn and then melting white chocolate and drizzling it over. Or [making] Rice Krispies, where you drizzle different kinds of chocolate on top of it. They’re super-fun," she tells M.

2. Makeovers are essential.

"Of course we do makeovers! Jamberry [has] these really cute nail wraps," she told us.

Jamberry Mint Julep

"I love a face mask. [When I was younger] I used to use a green mask I really liked [called] Queen Helene Masque Mint Julep.

3. Make sure there is a variety of fun activities.

From watching movies to throwing a mini-fashion show, Tiffany has a ton of suggestions!

Elf movie

"Obviously, [the movie] Elf is so fun. And then, the other night, my cousins and I all cuddled up and we watched Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. That one is so fun. I love that one. Of course, the Hallmark channel is like me and my mom’s favorite thing," she told us.


"You have to have musical.ly going on. I’m obsessed with musical.ly," she revealed.

Polaroid Camera

The pop star also suggests you use a Polaroid camera to have a mini photo shoot. "Polaroid cameras are super-fun. That’s always really fun, to do a little fashion show," she said.

4. Try out an activity that's fun and also gives back to the community.

You may not think of a sleepover as a way to give back, but Tiffany has a great idea — you can surprise your loved ones and make their day. At the end of the day, that will always make you feel good!

"I feel like whenever I have the most fun is when I do something nice for somebody. Something my little sister and I did, we baked cookies and then the next morning, and we took them over to our next-door neighbor and it made her whole day. And it made us feel so good too," Tiffany told us. "When you forget [about] yourself, you’re happy."

What do you think makes a perfect sleepover? Sound off in the comments below!

Reporting credit: Virginia Van de Wall & Brie Hiramine

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