Tiffany's Twitter Secret Revealed!


Hey M Girls!

I was stoked to hang with Disney Channel star Tiffany Thorton this morning in NYC. Of course we chatted about her new movie Hatching Pete that premieres on the DC tomorrow (April 24) at 8 pm EST. Tiff told us loved filming the cheeleading scenes in the flick. "It was funny to watch Jason Dolley and Mitchel do the cheer stunts though," Tiffany spilled to us. "The boys kept thinking they were going to fall over!" LOL! Luckily, Jason and Mitch only had a couple spills.

Anywoooooo, during the hang sesh, Tiffany and I got to talking about Twitter. Tiff's a huge Twitter-er "because it lets me stay in touch with my fans easily," she explains. M Mag's been following her page for a while now and we've noticed she's forevs mentioning this mystery person "Tarv." Who the heck is Tarv anyway? Well, I've got the answer for you! It's singer, and Mitchel Musso's "In Crowd" video gurl, Katelyn Tarver! She and Tiffany are besties! In fact, Katelyn hung with us this morning, too! "People have actually messaged me asking if Tarv is my boyfriend on Twitter!" Tiffany revealed to us. Both the girls got a huge laugh out of that one. If you want to follow Tiffany AND M Magazine on Twitter here are the web addresses:

So let's dish ladies! Do you plan on watching Hatching Pete tomorrow? Comment back!

XOXO, M Editor Sarah

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