Travie McCoy joins the Rihanna and Ke$ha tour!


Hey M Girls!

The man behind the hit song "Billionaire" is now set to join the Rihanna and Ke$ha tour, Last Girl On Earth! After rapper Nicki Minaj dropped out of the tour, they had to find a replacement -- and with Travie's hit song playing on the radio constantly, why not have him come in on the festivities!?

This seemed like an awesome idea -- that is, until we noticed the awkward connection. We have reasons to think this tour may be super-weird since Travie is Katy Perry's ex-boyfriend and Katy's really close friends with Rihanna (and Ke$ha also!). Smells like major drama on the tour bus!

Last Girl On Earth kicks off July 2nd!

Let's dish: -Do you think things will get weird on tour with Travie and Katy Perry's BFFs RiRi and Ke$ha? What would you do if your BFFs ex-boyfriend was coming on tour with you?

Photo: Jen Lowery/Startraks

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