Try this St. Patrick's Day nail design at home!


Hey M Girls!

St. Patrick's Day is just two days away and what better way to be festive than rockin' some awesome St. Patty's-inspired nail designs! If you dig M's monthly nail feature in the issue, then you'll totes be obsessed with this blog tutorial!

Our fave part about this nail design is that the rainbow connects across your fingernails and becomes a pot of gold -- SO FUN!

Follow M's easy step-by-step directions below, and you'll def be lucky on Sunday, March 17 -- hey, you'll also have a shot at winning a prize! We are holding a contest for the best recreations of this St. Patrick's Day nail design -- get creative with it!

Scroll down for more deets.

Here's what kind of nail polish colors you'll need: a shimmery green, a thin nail art paint in red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and black, and finally a glittery gold polish for the pot of gold! See what colors we used below:

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  1. First paint all ten nails green. Then let dry.

  2. Now use the thin red nail art paint to make a curved half "U" shape on your index fingernail.

  3. Repeat the step above, filling in the curve with the remaining colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow (leave a space for the green), blue then purple. See the two photos below for clarification.

  4. On your middle fingernail, make straight lines that are very slightly curved with all of the colors of the rainbow with the nail art paints. Make sure you start with the first red color near your cuticle (or else the lines won't connect to the others)!

  5. Now comes the trickier part. With the black nail art paint, create the black pot in the upper right corner of your ring finger nail. It should be circular with the outer parts jetting out. Then fill in the top part of it with the gold polish for the coins.

  6. Repeat what you did in Step 2, and design the rainbow, but instead have it start from the opposite side (the curve moving towards the left instead of the right). The thin lines of the rainbow should end in the gold. Leave the thumb and pinky fingernails green. (Tip: You can always add a your own creative nail art, such as gold stars, to them)!

And here is the final product!

Try this nail design or a similar one at home then tweet it to @m_magazine or Instagram it to @mmagazine -- you'll have the chance to win a cool prize (hint: it involves nails!).

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