XOXO: Your Fave TV Couples First 'I Love You' Scenes That Will Literally Hit You Right In the Feels

Getting emotionally invested in a couple from your favorite television show comes with the territory of being a devoted fan. You obviously want to see everyone get their happily ever after! And there's nothing like seeing these characters you have come to know profess their love to each other. Seriously, the first time these fictional ships say "I Love You" out loud to one another are the scenes that stick with fans and leave everyone freaking out, in a good way of course.

Take Betty and Jughead on Riverdale. Their relationship was a gradual on and by the season's end, they knew they were head over over heels for each other and they said those three little words to each other in what was such a sweet scene. Cole Sprouse making this face is what dreams are made of if we're honest here.

There have been so many adorable scenes like this, from Austin & Ally, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries to name a few so of course we had to round up the best ones and present them all to you, in GIF form of course.

Click through the gallery to experience some of the best ships professing their love to each other for the first time ever.

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