TV Watch: What did you think of The Hills finale?


Hey M Girls!

I'll admit -- I've been a fan of The Hills from the very beginning (starting with Laguna Beach), so as a loyal fan, of course my eyes were glued to the TV screen during last night's series finale. Kristin had to make a big decision if she wanted to move to Europe and not be with Brody, despite his pleas for her to stay. As the cameras filmed Brody and Kristin hugging, and her getting in the car pulling away to the airport on her way to Europe...all the sudden, the camera panned out to show a sound stage, tons of cameras, and the fake board behind Brody being pulled away, as Kristin got out of the car and ran back to Brody's arms.

The surprise ending definitely shocked fans, revealing the "fake reality" of the show, but Kristin was more than happy about it, saying, "Brody and I were speechless when we filmed the finale. We couldn't have asked for a better ending."

We're curious to know what you think M girls--did you watch last night's finale? Were you happy with the ending?

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