Want to win a cool prize? Show us your pix with M's cupcake necklace!


Hey M Girls!

If you haven't heard yet, M's brand new September issue comes jam-packed with star scoop, hot pics, and cool prizes...but also the best back-to-school gift ever: A FREE CUPCAKE CHARM NECKLACE!! Yep, all of our on-stand issues come with the cupcake necklace, just for you! It's the perfect accessory for M Girls!

Some of the M staff wanted to show YOU a pic of us wearing our beloved cupcake charms -- we've been rocking them since the day the issues were delivered to our desks!! LOL :) Top row: Kelsey, Brittany, Kiki; Bottom row: Sarah, Cristina, and Jackie.

So now it's YOUR turn!! We want to see pics of you wearing M's cupcake necklace. Head over to M's twitter and tweet us pics of you wearing your necklace! We'll pick our fave picture and give away one amazing prize! You can also email your pictures at hi@mmm-mag.com.

We can't wait to see your pics!

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