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Watch a Totally Sweet Performance by Forever in Your Mind

Forever in your mind on sweety high sweet beat tv

If you thought you saw the last of the boys from Forever in Your Mind when they were voted off X-Factor last season, you were wrong. Because even after their time on X-Factor was over, Emery, Jon, and Ricky decided to stay a group. They've even released a new single called "She Lights the World!"

FIYM recently hung out with our BFFs at Sweety High and they chatted about everything from how Ricky broke his arm, his new stint on Girl Meets World, why they decided to stay a band, and their new single. They even PERFORM a capella for all you Sweeties & M Girls out there!

Watch the video below and tell us which FIYM guy YOU have a crush on in the comments! And as always, check out Sweety High on Instagram and Twitter for all the latest and coolest celeb interviews and more!

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