Watch Selena meet her long-time crush!!!


Hey M Girls-

Pretty much every single time we've asked Selena who her celeb crush is she's answered the same way -- Shia LaBeouf! Up until recently, Selena had never met Shia, but that all changed when they ran into each other backstage at a TV show. Sel's mom surprised Selena and didn't even let her know Shia was in a dressing room just down the hall. Check out the cool video below:

OMG! You NEVER see Selena get that flustered, but then again, she HAS crushed on Shia for, like, ever! After their meeting Sel tweeted, "Best...Day...Ever." Haha!

So let's dish: What did you think of Selena's reaction to meeting Shia. Which celeb would make you act in the same way? Comment back

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