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1. You just broke up with your boy, and you're looking for something new to do to help keep your mind off it. You'll most likely:

  • try out for the cheerleading squad.
  • start a "Save the Earth" club.
  • audition for the lead in the school play.
  • write a gossip column for the school paper.

2. A peek inside your makeup bag reveals:

  • red lipstick and black mascara.
  • Chapstick. You like the natural look.
  • glitter, glitter and more glitter.
  • all the latest products, like yummy dessert-inspired lip glosses.

3. You're major-league stressed! Your girls know you need:

  • a slumber party. Popcorn and pedicures for all!
  • alone time to paint and write.
  • to boogie down and work out your feelings on the dance floor.
  • to laugh. How about watching Hotel for Dogs on DVD?

4. Your dream summer vacation spot is:

  • Florida. It's got Disney World and the beach!
  • San Francisco because it's so bohemian.
  • Hollywood. You know you're already a star!
  • New York City. You'd check out the latest everything.

5. You can't stop humming the new song you:

  • heard on the radio while you were cleaning your room.
  • just wrote for your all-girl band.
  • discovered in the music store at the mall.
  • downloaded last night off of iTunes.

6. You can't live without:

  • your TV. Face it, you're glued to the tube.
  • your guitar. A girl as happening as you creates her very own soundtrack.
  • MTV. Video killed the radio star!
  • your iPod. You have all your music with you all the time!

7. Score! Your crush just asked you to hang out! You'll probably suggest:

  • going to the school dance, then making an ice cream run.
  • taking a picnic to a really awesome outdoor music festival.
  • hitting the mall for a snack at the food court and a movie.
  • buying a new Wii game, then you'll challenge him to a face-off.

8. If your crush knows how you feel about him, it's because:

  • your BFF dropped hints.
  • you stuck a love poem in his locker.
  • you told him he's super-cute. Why hide the fact that you're crushing?
  • he figured out that you were the one who sent him those flirty IMs!

9. The fictional character you most identify with is:

  • Sandy Olsson from Grease (pre-leather pants).
  • Donna Pinciotti from That '70s Show.
  • Jenna Rink from 13 Going On 30.
  • Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries.

1950s Girl Next Door

Your 1950s soul sister crushed hard on Elvis after seeing him on her family's brand-new TV. Like her, you're drawn to classic fashions and all-American boys. You and your girls love to chill together after school and dish on guys. A traditional girl like you secretly dreams of someday being prom queen--and your crush being prom king!

1970s Hippie Chick

A groovy girl like you would feel right at home marching for peace like they did in the '70s. Your passion and dedication keep you super-busy, whether you're starting a band with your buds or saving the whales, you jump in with both feet! When a sensitive gal like you gets stressed, you turn to your creative side for relief. Just be sure to hide your journal from your nosy little bro!

1980s Status Seeker

You probably don't wear leg warmers or have a dog named Spuds McKenzie, but like a true 1980s girl, you just want your MTV! And like those flashy girls, you love attracting attention for your many talents (and your cool outfits). You're always queen of your scene whether you're holding court at the mall or strutting your stuff at school. You're a real go-getter and destined to succeed!

2000s Miss Millennium

Friends look to you to know what's hot--and what's not. You're totally into the next big thing and want to be the first to know the latest scoop on everything. Trendsetter that you are, you're always moving on to something bigger and better. Friends love your forward-thinking attitude. If something goes wrong, why dwell? You're already focusing on tomorrow!

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