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1. Your best bud needs last-minute help studying for tomorrow's history test, but you're supposed to hang out with your sweetie. You:

  • cancel your date and whip out the books. What are friends for?
  • tell her you'll help her for a couple of hours and arrange to see your guy a little later. Who says you can't do both?
  • loan her your notes but tell her you can't cancel plans with your crush on such short notice. How rude!
  • tell your boy to call up some cuties and arrange a cozy co-ed study session.

2. You find out that one of your closest friends is crushing on the guy you want to ask to the dance. You:

  • let her go for him. You'd hate to see her unhappy.
  • talk it through with her. Maybe she's really hung up on him, or maybe she's hot for three other guys, too, and wouldn't mind if you asked him instead of her.
  • tell her you're going to invite him to the dance, and she can do the same. Whatever he decides, there will be no hard feelings. May the best girl win!
  • plan a girls' night out and see if you can't find two new, cuter guys for each of you. There are plenty of boys out there, so why let this one get between you?

3. Your BFF doesn't get a part in the school play even though she'd been rehearsing for weeks. You:

  • boycott the play. How could they not have seen her talent?
  • buy her the flowers she would've gotten opening night and invite her over for a movie night starring her fave actors.
  • go online and find the places in town that offer acting classes, then give her their contact info and encourage her to keep trying.
  • round up the girls and some makeshift costumes and cast her as the lead in your homemade movie. She may not be on stage, but she'll have fun acting!

4. You're out for karaoke night, but your friend is too shy to sing. You:

  • tell her you'll go someplace else instead. You don't want her to feel uncomfortable.
  • suggest that the two of you go up there and sing a duet a la Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas.
  • don't pressure her. It's cool if she sits it out, but you go up there and get down.
  • sign her up for a song anyway and push her onstage when the DJ announces her name. She'll have a blast!

5. Your best bud forgets that she promised to see Vanessa Hudgens' new movie with you and instead goes to see it with her sister. You:

  • don't mention it to her. You're sure it was an honest mistake.
  • tell her you're a little hurt she forgot about your plans, then forgive her and arrange to see a different movie together.
  • tell her she's usually a great friend, but she shouldn't make promises she can't keep!
  • don't mind much. Your memory isn't always the greatest either!

6. A good friend's soccer match is the same night as a concert you've been dying to go to. You:

  • go to her game and cheer as loud as you can. There will always be another concert.
  • pay a little extra to change the night of your concert tickets.
  • give her a good luck card and tell her you'll be with her in spirit.
  • make a huge banner for her and set it up in the stands, then go to the concert and call her so she can hear the band live when she checks her voicemail.

7. It's your bud's b-day, and you want it to be special. You:

  • babysit every Friday night for weeks in order to save up enough money to buy that purse she's been eyeing.
  • write her a heartfelt poem about how much her friendship means to you.
  • burn her a CD with all her fave songs.
  • throw her the biggest surprise bash ever!

Loyal Lady

Like Ashley Tisdale, you've always got your friends' backs no matter what, even if that means putting their needs above yours. You're caring and sweet, and you avoid making enemies at all costs. A peacemaker by nature, you're happiest when you're helping others.

Supportive Sis

Like Selena Gomez, you're the one everyone goes to when they need a pep talk or advice. You're supportive, thoughtful, and you value your friends' feelings. When buds are in a bind, they know that they can count on you for some wise words and TLC.

Straight Shooter

When your friends think of fun, they think of you! Like Miley Cyrus, you're always up for a good time, and you're never afraid to try something new, even if it's a little crazy. Your friends know that when you're around, they'll end up laughing 'til their stomachs hurt!

Fearless Female

You love to goof around, just like the playful monkey! You're a true class clown. Your friends can't sit in the same room with you for even five minutes without busting a gut!

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