EXCLUSIVE: What Made Niall Horan Cry?

Niall horan holding his nephew


Hey Directioners, you probably heard that Niall Horan recently became an uncle. But did you know that the first time he met his newborn nephew, he burst into tears? M recently chatted with the Nialler and we got the inside scoop!

"I cried when the baby was born," Niall dishes to M. "I was just proud of my brother. I couldn't believe he was a father! It's just crazy, but I was so happy."

Niall's little nephew's name is Theodore and Niall went back home to a hospital in Ireland to visit him.

"He was really small — he was only a couple of hours old when I met him. He was really cute," Niall says.

Who else was impressed with Niall's nephews? The other members of One Direction, of course!

"Niall sent me lots of pictures of the baby," Liam Payne explains to M. Louis Tomlinson opened up about Niall's nephew, too, saying, "Niall was buzzing!"

Theodore Horan

Now here's an image we love to envision: can you picture Niall as a babysitter? We bet he'd be the best babysitter ever!

"Hopefully [I'll watch him], if they trust me with him!" Niall says. "I'll look after him! I'll just put him to bed and if he cries, I'll tell him to 'Shush!'"

Uh... that might not be the best way to get an infant to sleep, Niall, but we have faith that you'll learn.

"Well, I've got time to learn!" Niall says, laughing. "The next time I go home, he'll have gotten a little bigger! I can't wait to see him."

Which celeb do you think would be the best babysitter ever? Tell us in the comments!

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