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1. At summer camp, your best bud is getting picked on by a mean girl. You:

  • comfort your bud and remind her she has lots of friends, including you!
  • walk right up to the mean girl and tell her to back off, or else!
  • tell your bud how awesome she is and ignore the bully, even if she's nice to you.
  • think of a cool prank you could play on the mean girl, like toiletpapering her cabin!

2. You and your BFF are just about to bungee-jump, but she starts to panic. You:

  • talk her through it very slowly. You know she'll regret it if she backs out.
  • tell her that's totally cool. You'll jump without her and won't hold it against her.
  • decide to call the whole thing off, and both go for a swim instead.
  • tell her there's a huge spider on her jacket so she'll jump anyway! She'll laugh later.

3. Ouch! Your friend's fave band cancels a show she had tickets to. You:

  • buy her an underground mix CD of their best live songs to cheer her up!
  • write a letter to the band's fan club requesting a signed photo for your bud!
  • spend hours online to buy her tickets to another concert she would enjoy!
  • take her out to the mall that day to go shopping and get manicures!

4. Your BFF borrowed your fave summer dress and returns it with a stain. You:

  • gently ask her to wash it for you.
  • tell her straight up that you love her, but she owes you a new dress!
  • ask your mom to wash it, but you don't complain to your friend.
  • have to admit you've been guilty of doing that, too. You're always spilling stuff!

5. You love your adorable pet Chihuahua, but your bud is afraid of dogs. You:

  • take her to the pet store and show her the cute puppies so she'll get over her fear!
  • get her to walk your pooch with you. She'll learn to dig his company!
  • lock him out of the room when your bud comes over so she won't be uncomfortable.
  • make a hilarious video starring your pooch. How can she resist him then?

6. You and your friend are checking out the town festival together. You:

  • both get a kick out of looking around and pigging out on ice cream cones!
  • sign both of you up for a talent contest. Who knows? You might be discovered!
  • buy your friend the cool earrings she sees, even if it takes all the moolah you have.
  • talk two cute guys into entering the pie-eating contest with you and your friend!

7. When your best bud gets her heart broken by her summer crush, you:

  • have a sleepover, eat candy and tell jokes until she smiles again!
  • make sure everyone knows what a loser he is when you see him at the mall!
  • listen to her vent for hours and let her cry on your shoulder.
  • persuade her to go dancing with you. A girl's night out is what she needs now!


Like Taylor Swift, you put your friends first. They know you're there for them when there's drama. You are not only caring, but you give good advice, too. You make buds feel good by making them believe in themselves!

Leading Lady

You're an independent, strong girl, like Kristen Stewart. Your friends know exactly where they stand because you're very straight-forward and honest. Buds look to you as a leader and a trendsetter. You inspire them to do great things!


Like Debby Ryan, you are super-sweet and understanding. If a bud is hurting, you're in pain, too! You'll put aside your own needs to make your friends happy. How could anyone not love a loyal honey like you?

Wild & Fun

There's no way friends can be sad around you. Like Miley Cyrus, you're unpredictable and wild. Your friends love that you're never boring and that you share your unique talent for seeing the sunny side of life!

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