What's going on between Selena Gomez and Joe Jonas?


Hey M Girls!

Just this week, we were wondering if Selena Gomez and Joe Jonas were secretly talking after a video surfaced of Joe being interrupted by call from a "Selena." And now we're curious about them again!

Today, Sel hung out with Ryan Seacrest to launch "The Voice," a new multimedia broadcast center, at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Ryan Seacrest tweeted: The smiles that @SelenaGomez brought to kids' faces at @RyanFoundation... unforgettable. #thankyouselly

But it wasn't just Selena at the event. It turns out Joe was there too!

Because Ryan Seacrest ALSO tweeted: Gotta send a BIG thank u to @JoeJonas who also came out to support @RyanFoundation #thevoicephilly


So let's dish: -Do you think Selena and Joe are friends? How do you think Justin Bieber feels about it?

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