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1. Your fashion motto is:

  • When in doubt, dress up!
  • Fashion rules are made to be broken!
  • I never met a shoe I didn't like!
  • Simply, simplify, simplify!

2. What's the No. 1 fashion request you hear from your friends?

  • They wish they could see you dressed down just once.
  • They wish you'd let them borrow more of your cool clothes!
  • They wish you'd help them keep up on the latest trends.
  • They wish you'd take more fashion risks.

3. Your buds just called. They want you to meet them at the mall, and your crush is there! You:

  • dab on your girliest perfume and hope he gets close enough to notice.
  • add a funky accessory to your outfit to make yourself more eye-catching.
  • agonize for an hour over what to wear. There are too many choices!
  • just slick on a bit of gloss.

4. The guy you've been scoping all summer finally asked you to hang out. How do you wear your hair for the big night?

  • in long, flowing waves
  • funky and textured
  • straight and sleek
  • pulled back in a cute ponytail

5. If you were a hot young starlet, which of these designers would you pick to make your Oscar dress?

  • Badgley Mischka. You'd die for one of their girly, jeweled gowns.
  • Marc Jacobs. His funky style is always one-of-a-kind.
  • Zac Posen. Everyone knows he's the coolest new designer!
  • Ralph Lauren. You know you'll get something simple and classic.

6. Let's face it. Lugging your books from class to class can be a real pain. Which bag would you choose to make it a little more bearable?

  • a structured tote, preferably in a pretty color
  • a black messenger bag that you've customized with stickers of your fave bands
  • an oversized metallic bag. Who says carrying your books can't be fashionable?
  • a basic backpack in your fave color. It's not flashy, but it gets the job done.

7. What has you psyched about being back at school this year?

  • You're stoked about the possibility of meeting all sorts of new crush-worthy guys.
  • You're dying to catch up with your buds and hear about all their wild summer adventures.
  • You can't wait to see what everyone in homeroom will be wearing and to show off a great new outfit of your own.
  • Psyched? Hardly. You wish it could stay summer forever!

8. You just found out you have to get glasses. Which style of frames do you pick?

  • an old-fashioned cat's-eye pair
  • chunky black ones
  • Contacts are more your style.
  • a simple metal-rimmed pair

9. The big homecoming dance is looming on the horizon. What are you going to wear?

  • something long and strapless. You love to look really glam!
  • something totally unique, like a floaty skirt with a vintage top
  • something that's super-hot, like a flouncy, ruffly skirt
  • something dressed-down but still pretty, like pants and a sparkly top

10. What's the one accessory you just can't live without?

  • your kitten-heel shoes. They're the perfect accent to a girly dress.
  • your leather wrist cuff. It's tough-looking but fun and goes with every outfit.
  • dangly earrings, the more attention-getting, the better!
  • a cute scarf. It adds color and keeps your hair off your face.

Flirty and Feminine

With a hint of glamour and a touch of romance, your style is totally girly, just like Taylor Swift's! You understand the power of pink and always like to look polished and put-together. Your ladylike looks definitely turn some boys' heads! This fall, amp up the glam with awesome accessories.

On the Edge

You're with the band, or at least that's what most people assume when they see you. Like Demi Lovato, your style is funky, original and 100-percent rock and roll! This season's fashion will work perfectly with your one-of-a-kind wardrobe, especially since your favorite thrift shop is sure to have plenty of unique pieces you'll love.

Totally Trendy

You and Miley Cyrus have a lot in common: You always know what's hot, and you know how to make it look good. Forget fashion mags: When girls at school want to know what to wear, they turn to you! Stay on top of trends this fall by sporting over-the-knee boots!

Cool and Casual

Like laid-back Kristen Stewart, your style is totally relaxed. You'd die without your fave paid of broken-in jeans. You're all about casual as long as it's super-cute and classic! Try jazzing up your look with splash of blue, one of the season's hottest colors!

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