OMG: What Surprised Coco Jones About Meeting Selena Gomez

Selena gomez coco jones radio disney awards 2013

Getty Images

She might be super busy touring the US with the Mindless Behavior guys, but Coco Jones was sweet enough to make some time to chat with us recently — and you'll never guess who came up the conversation... Selena Gomez!

"I actually met Selena at the Radio Disney Music Awards and she was so sweet," the 15-year-old singer and Good Luck Charlie actress told us. "But so much shorter in person! I was like shocked!"

(As you can see in the pic above, there is a pretty major height difference between the stars!)

"She's just so sweet and humble," Coco continued. "She went from being a regular girl to someone who went [to Hollywood] and now she is who she is, but she's still so humble. I really admire that about her." So do we!

Be sure to check out Coco Jones this summer on The All Around The World Tour, and stay tuned for the release of her debut album, which is due out some time this fall!

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