Where YOU can watch the first Pretty Little Liars season three trailer!


Hey M Girls!

With less than a month to go until Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family, a brand new season three trailer is being released tonight! That's right, you'll get your first look at what's going on in Rosewood! Last we left the liars everything was totally crazy -- Mona revealed herself as "A" (or at least a part of the "A" team) while Maya might be dead :(

The new season kicks off a whole summer after the last one left off, so a lot has changed for the girls -- and we can't wait to see! The first official trailer will be available tonight on ABCFamily.com at 9pm ET. Get the scoop here:

We're SO excited to see the new clips!

Let's dish: -Are you counting down the days until Pretty Little Liars returns? Who's your fave PLL character?

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