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1. You're scoping out the crowd at the dance. Who catches your eye?

  • the quiet dude standing off to the side with his buds
  • the guy showing off some hilarious dance moves
  • the boy in the DJ booth
  • the cutie giving you a flirty look from across the room

2. You're at the cafeteria at lunch. Where's your crush?

  • sitting with a few pals
  • wherever the laughter is coming from
  • probably in the art studio working on a project
  • moving from one table to another chatting with everyone

3. Confession time! Which of these celeb hotties do you have the biggest crush on?

  • Daren Kagasoff
  • Austin Butler
  • Trace Cyrus
  • Zac Efron

4. OMG! Your crush just left you a comment on your Facebook page! He:

  • says he digs your site.
  • makes a flirty joke.
  • tells you how creative he thinks it looks.
  • compliments you on how pretty you look in all your pics.

5. You're walking down the hall with your crush when someone knocks your books out of your hand. Your crush:

  • stands up for you.
  • cracks a joke about it to make you laugh.
  • helps you pick up your books.
  • offers to carry your books for you.

6. Some classes are just more fun than others. Which one do you love the most?

  • English or philosophy
  • math or science
  • art or music
  • gym or drama

7. Yearbook time! Your crush is most likely to be voted:

  • Most Mysterious
  • Class Clown
  • Most Artistic
  • Biggest Flirt

8. If a boy really wanted to make you melt, what would he have to do?

  • open up to you about something deep during a phone convo
  • write you a really witty note
  • draw you a picture or write a song about you
  • bring you flowers

9. You're hanging with your crush on a Saturday afternoon. What's the plan?

  • just chilling at his house, watching TV or whatever
  • catching a matinee at the movies
  • going to the park for a picnic and a long walk
  • hitting the mall to meet up with a big group of friends

10. Which of these musicians do you love enough to listen to on repeat?

  • Paramore
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Katy Perry
  • Taylor Swift

Mystery Man

The guy who holds the key to your heart will be sorta brooding and mysterious, so he might be challenging to get to know. Once he opens up, you two will connect on a deeper level and spend quiet nights together talking and hanging out.

Funny Guy

The guy who holds the key to your heart is funny and smart-the perfect combination! You've got a great sense of humor and plenty of brains, so you need a guy who can keep up with you in the smarts department. You two will enjoy challenging each other!

Creative Guy

The guy who holds the key to your heart is artistic and original. His unique personality will totally win you over. Plus, you're a creative chica, so you two will bond over your shared love of art. This imaginative guy will always think up sweet ways to show you he cares.

Flirty Guy

Flirt alert! The guy who holds the key to your heart will be totally charming. He knows just what to say and do to make you feel really special. He's also outgoing and popular, so you'll probably hang out in a group at first. But if you flirt back, he'll soon be all yours!

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