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1. Check out your shoe collection. You just can't get enough:

  • ladylike heels.
  • cute flats.
  • funky, colorful shoes.
  • stylish boots.

2. Which celeb do you have the biggest crush on?

  • Rob Pattinson
  • Zac Efron
  • Pete Wentz
  • Joe Jonas

3. Which song would you listen to when you're getting ready to go out with your buds?

  • Good Girls Go Bad
  • Love Story
  • Paparazzi
  • Party in the U.S.A.

4. Colder weather is great because it means you get to wear:

  • cute cardigans.
  • your fave blazer.
  • lots of fun layers.
  • leggings and patterned tights.

5. What would you say is your signature accessory?

  • a unique ring
  • a simple, elegant necklace
  • a stack of bracelets
  • a wide belt

6. Your closet is totally bursting with lots of:

  • pretty dresses and lacy tops.
  • cream, black and red solids.
  • wild, crazy patterns.
  • skinny jeans and trendy shirts.

7. OMG! You're hanging out with your crush tonight. What makeup will you wear?

  • smoky eyeliner
  • blush and pink gloss
  • black nail polish
  • something glittery

8. It would be a dream come true if someday you could:

  • write a best-selling novel.
  • become a doctor or lawyer.
  • have your own art gallery.
  • work at a fashion magazine.

9. Where would you shop for the perfect new outfit?

  • your fave vintage shop
  • Abercrombie or Hollister
  • wherever there's a sale
  • Forever 21 or H&M

10. When you hit the mall, your goal is to find:

  • something with a retro feel.
  • something timeless.
  • something totally unique.
  • something hip and now.

Mostly A's: Vintage

Katy Perry is your style icon! You're a feminine girl with a touch of retro glamour. You love vintage styles and know how to mix them with modern pieces for a uniquely personal look.

Mostly B's: Preppy

Lauren Conrad is your style icon! You're a sophisticated girl who digs sleek, classic fashions. Like Lauren, you've got timeless taste that will never go out of style.

Mostly C's: Eclectic

Blake Lively is your style icon! You've got artistic flare and like to mix and match clothes in unexpected ways. Like Blake, you put your own unique spin on everything you wear.

Mostly D's: Trendy

Vanessa Hudgens is your style icon! You love fashions that are flashy and attention-grabbing. Like Vanessa, you rock all the latest looks and know how to make the trends your own!

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